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Bluebird Update #5

by April Fitzsimmons, AP

Blue Bird of Happiness Healing Arts

April Fitzsimmons, AP

Hey There Blue Birdies,

I am sorry that I am late for this week’s email update but I guess you can say the cat got my tongue.  I spent the day cleaning the office and getting ready to reopen.  Even though “reopening” might never look like a ‘normal’ day that we remember from Pre-Covid-19 days..  and that is perfectly ok.  Like I wrote about in a previous update, our life and existence has become so Yang in nature.  By that I mean that we have been programmed to think that the busier we are the more productive or successful that makes us.  Or that we have to be on the “Go, Go, Go” all the time.  This leads to an imbalance and a lack of Yin.  The nature of Yin is to nourish, go inward, stay home, nurture and be with mother earth, and rest.  To be in health means to be in balance with Yin and Yang.  So as uncomfortable as any forced change can be, this forced ‘Yin’, time of quarantine, has done us good, even if it may have seemed like torture to some.  

My lesson from this forced ‘Yin’ time, is that life isn’t only about professional achievements, status, or having the cleanest house.  It is about balance and doing what makes you happy.  It is about sleeping in without feeling guilty, or hunting for sharks teeth on the beach until you get kicked off.  When one is happy and balanced, then one will achieve what is best for themselves in life and in health.  I know that this may not seem realistic for everyone.  But even reading this will put it into your consciousness and hopefully continue to bring about the awareness and gratitude for the little things that we so easily forget when we become too busy (yang).  

I recently came across this quote: “We will not go back to normal.  Normal never was.  Our pre-corona existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, hate and lack.  We should not long to return to this my friends.  We are given the new opportunity to stitch a new garment.  One that fits all of humanity and nature.” - author unknown 

Now for the fun stuff ;) 

Today’s joke from our friends on 16th street:  “Why don’t ants get sick?”  “Because they have little ANTibodies.  Hahaha I thought that was funny.  

Office Update: 

I finally have found an online booking website that I like.  Here is the site:

You do not have to book through this website.  It is just another option for you guys and it is going to help me to reschedule everyone from the past six weeks.  Eventually you all will start receiving text or email appointment reminders and I will implement the cancellation policy.  Starting May 5th, I will be opening (phase one) following the social distancing guidelines.  I will only see a limited number of people a day and one patient at a time and asking that you wait in your car prior to your appointment to avoid time spent in the waiting area.  If you feel that you are part of the “vulnerable" population to please stay home and wait until phase 2.  

Since, the office will be opened I will have less time to write these email updates.  However, I have really enjoyed it and feel in some way that it gave us a since of community through this time.  It is my goal to continue these on a biweekly or monthly basis.  I look forward to seeing you all when you feel safe to do so and please know that I am here for you.  

In Health and Happiness,

April and Blue