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Blue Bird Update Week 1

Blue Bird of Happiness Healing Arts

April Fitzsimmons, AP

To My Loyal Patients and Friends:

How is everyone doing?  We are experiencing a global shift, awareness, and pandemic that will be one for the history books.  While it is scary and life changing for us all right now, I do feel in my heart that the Earth and us as a Human race are going to come out of this stronger, healthier, more aware, and more grateful.   I wanted to touch base and give everyone an update to my practice.  On March 24th, I closed my office in the hopes that by practicing “physical distancing” I would encourage others to do the same, and also for the health and safety for myself and patients.  On April 1st, we got news from the governor and health department that mandatory “stay at home” orders would be affective on Friday April 3rd.  While I know that Chinese Medicine Physicians, like myself, are essential, the state and rulers at large do not agree.  We have been told by our landlords that the department of health will be making random checks to make sure we are not treating patients.  Since our office plaza is full of “non - essential” medical practitioners (eye dr, dentist, and massage therapists) I have a feeling they will be making appearances, and I do not want to lose my license over this.  

As of this email, I will be back open for physical acupuncture treatments at the (very latest) on May 1st.  As things are changing day by day, so is the status of when I can practice safely again.  I will be in touch with everyone to reschedule.  Of course if I am able to open sooner, I most definitely will.  Since my husband and I are both self employed, I can not deny that I started to panic.  But that only lasted about eight hours.  I put that energy to better use and came up with a game plan to still be able to “practice” and be of service to you all, and to have some income.  So here we go:

Online Pharmacy:

I have teamed up with one of my best whole-sale resources to have an online herbal and supplement pharmacy.  It is simple and custom to what I prescribe to you individually.  Simply let me know, by replying to this email, that you are interested and we will get started.  If you currently are on herbal formulas I can add those to your profile and you will order as needed and the items will be shipped directly to you.  Shipping is free if your order is over $50.  If there are vitamins/supplements that you take that you do not get from me, you can let me know and I can add those to your profile as well.  I can also add recommended formulas and supplements to your profile.  Again, just email me, let me know if this interests you, and we will go from there.  I am able to set my own pricing, so I will continue to price the herbs/supplements below the suggested retail price.  

By the beginning of next week I plan on having a good supply of CBD oil, gummies, and salve in stock.  In order to limit contact, I can leave the items in the drop box outside of our office door and you can pay me via check, venmo, or Zelle.  This might come in handy during Quarintine ;).  


Telehealth, the way of the future.  I have been watching webinars from different acupuncture associations, mainly NCCAOM and it has been very interesting.  Basically how do we continue to provide care for our patients when we can not touch you.  This is how acupuncture differs from western medicine..  we touch you, palpate for points, check your pulses, get in your face to look at your tongue…  It is the beauty of the medicine and a way that we connect and diagnose.  So, in this physically distant time, “tele-health” is the next best thing that we can do.  I will be available Monday - Friday for virtual appointments, to discuss symptoms, give dietary and herbal advice, show stretches, give acupressure point location advice, and counseling.  Blue will be with me during these “appointments” so you can see him as well.  I am charging $20 per half hour for this service.  Please call, email, or text me and we will set up a date and time.  


I will be adding recipes and updating my website during this time.  Check back weekly to see what I am up to or check out a recipe or picture of Blue.  I am also on social media.  I thing that it is best that we all stay connected during this time and I want to be available to you.  

Treatment Room Changes:  

When you come back from our extended, unplanned, crazy vacation don’t be surprised to see some changes.  The Florida Department of Health sent out new health and safety guidelines that I must comply with.  I will be using disposable sheets and face cradles, I will require everyone to wash their hands before coming into the actual treatment room, and I may have to wear a mask.  I just wanted you to be aware so that it isn’t a shock.  

I am sorry for the lengthy email.  Please know that I am here for you and that we WILL get through this.  If you have any questions about anything I mentioned please do not hesitate to call, email, or text me.  If you contact me before 9am or after 6pm you might get a delayed response.  Attached to this email is the notice I received explaining why acupuncturists should not be practicing at this time.

In health and wellness,


April Fitzsimmons, AP (and Blue)